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Photos of Expo 86 Pavilion (1986)

These are photos from the Expo 86 Pavilion and include photos of Bill Dolan, Laine Dahlen, Weekend Warriors, Verna Charlton and many more.

Oklahoma Directed by Sue Popesku – Thank You Letters 1 of 3 (1976)

These are thank you letters to Sue Popesku for her direction of Oklahoma performed by students at North Peace Senior Secondary in 1976. They are written by G.C. Lind, District Superintendent of Schools, T.D. Jones, Board of School Trustees, and D. Ed Smith, MLA.

Dracula Baby (1992)

This is a newspaper clipping from 1992 covering the North Peace Senior Secondary musical, Dracula Baby.

Hamlet (1973)

This is a newspaper article from March 21, 1973 covering the production of Hamlet by the North Peace Senior Secondary Drama Club.