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Peace Country Arts Festival Official Syllabus (1972)

The first few pages of the Peace Country Arts Festival’s official syllabus from 1972, held that year in Dawson Creek. The syllabus includes a list of the steering committee, the index with the different festival categories, and rules and regulations.

Peace River-Liard Regional District General Information (Year Unknown)

A sample taken from a Peace River-Liard Regional (now known as the Peace River Regional District) general information booklet. This file includes an introduction to the regional district, formed in 1967, along with a list of the cultural groups in Fort St. John as well as the North Peace Fall Fair Society from Rose Prairie, BC. The list of groups provide an address, contact information, and a brief description on the organization.

Fort St. John Community Arts Council – Flower Pot Fundraiser (Year Unknown)

The Flower Pot Project is part of Fort St. John’s Communities in Bloom. Since 2001 the City of Fort St. John has provided 50 new pots annually. The pots are painted by local artists and then planted with flowers and displayed on the streets of Fort St. John. This catalogue includes photos of this event (year unknown).

Fort St. John Airshow Committee Meeting Minutes (1991)

These files are meeting minutes from the Fort St. John Airshow Society, held throughout 1991, pertaining to the planning of the Airshow. They include information on the event such as the Float Plane Competition, coordination with Rendezvous ’92, and the planning of musical performances.

Fort St. John Airshow Committee Meeting Minutes (1990)

A collection of 1990 meeting minutes from the Fort St. John Airshow Committee. These meetings planned the logistics of the Airshow such as possible event sponsors, finalizing the date and time, and publicity articles.

Alaska Highway Rendezvous ’92 Society Constitution (1988-1990)

Documents of the Alaska Highway Rendezvous ’92 Society’s constitution. A sample was taken from three separate constitutions from 1988-1990. They cover the purposes and objectives of the society. This primarily relates to the celebration of Alaska Highway’s 50th Anniversary and the logistics involved in planning such an event.

Alaska Highway Rendezvous ’92 Reunion (1992)

The following document is from Alaska Highway’s 50th Anniversary. The Rendezvous ’92 event brought together some of the members involved in the construction of the highway, which includes the engineers and truck company. This reunion was held at the Fort St. John North Peace Museum.