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News Articles about the River Rats (1966 and 1980)

The River Rats are a group of boating enthusiasts from all over the west. They raised money in 1966 to build boat launch facilities at the Taylor Peace River bridge. Another article talks about Williston Lake and what it was like in 1980 and brings up what would happen if Site C was built.

Peace River North Festival of the Arts (2016)

This file has a program for the Performing Arts BC Provincial Festival and the Peace River North Festival of the Arts. Both events provide opportunities for young artists to perform for the community and showcase their talent with categories such as dance, choir, and musical theatre.

37th Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibit (2019)

The 37th Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibit was held in 2019 at Peace Gallery North in Fort St. John. The same year was also the 2nd Annual Youth Art Exhibit. The Regional Juried Art Exhibit is a program of the Peace Liard Regional Arts Council.

Peace River North Performing Arts Festival (2016-2019)

The Peace River North Festival Association is dedicated to celebrating arts and music. The Peace River North Performing Arts Festival does exactly that by providing a space for young performers to showcase their talent. The festival has different categories including dance, piano, speech arts, and more. These files contain newspaper articles from the 2016, 2018, and 2019 Performing Arts Festival, as well Best of the Fest poster from 2018.

North Peace Cultural Centre Opening News Articles (1992)

The North Peace Cultural Centre opened its doors in June of 1992. Attached are news articles from before it opened. The Cultural Society was in need of funding to be able to open the centre and they also needed approval from City Council. The attached articles highlight some of the challenges in making the cultural centre a reality.

Treasured Chronicles II (2007)

Treasured Chronicles II is a film project that documents the lives of recent history in the North Peace region, and Chronicles I captures the experiences of the South Peace region. This file includes a letter, ticket, and brochure for its 2007 premiere held at the North Peace Cultural Centre. The film has continued to be seen by local residents with a showing in 2016 at the Fort St. John North Peace Museum.

North Peace Historical Society Annual General Meeting (2016-2017)

This file contains documents for North Peace Historical Society meetings. This includes minutes from the 2016 Annual General Meeting which covers a brief history on the North Peace Airport Society and general announcements for the Fort St. John North Peace Museum. The file also has a programme and ticket for the society’s 2017 Annual General Meeting, with a focus on a presentation on “A Child’s Life on the Alaska Highway” by Warren Moore.

Peace River Zone Drama Festivals (1987 and 1988)

In 1987 and 1988 drama and theatre students competed in at the BC Peace River Zone Drama Festival in Chetwynd and Theatre BC’s Peace River Zone Drama Festival in Dawson Creek. The festival gives students of the peace region the opportunity to gather and share their work with each other.

Stage North News Articles (1980s)

The following are news articles and current events involving Stage North during the 1980s. There are stories about plays, shows and fundraisers.

Stage North News Articles (1977-1984)

The following are news articles and current events involving Stage North from 1977 to 1984. The articles highlight productions and auditions. Stage North was formed in 1978 as the drama program in Northern Lights College by Brian Paisley who later went on to found the world famous Edmonton Fringe Festival.  Stage North has constantly striven for excellence in all types of performance from comedy to drama to musicals to improv.

Alaska Highway News: Time Capsule (1971-1972)

A collection of newspaper clippings from the Time Capsule segments published in the Alaska Highway Newspaper. These particular articles all feature Jeanne Clelland, Fort St. John Chamber of Commerce secretary in 1971 and 1972.

Fort St. John Outhouse Race (1975)

The Outhouse Races began in 1975 and ran until 1993, and again in 2011. As part of the race, participants had to construct an outhouse with its design and functionality taken into consideration for the competition. These newspaper clippings are from the first Outhouse Race in 1975.

Peace Gallery North News Articles (c. 2010)

Attached are a variety of newspaper articles about Peace Gallery North. The news articles talk about funds and grants, local artists and history of art in Fort St. John.