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Studio 2 Stage Dance Academy Shows (2012-2015)

Studio 2 Stage Dance Academy is a Fort St. John dance company. They have been operating for over 20 years and offer a variety of classes for all ages, at both a recreational and competitive level. This includes ballet, jazz, and contemporary classes. These files contain a thank you note with a photograph from their 2012 production of the Nutcracker and a program for their 2015 Christmas Recital.

North Peace Spinners and Weavers Guild Newspaper Articles (2016)

The North Peace Spinners and Weavers Guild is one of the member groups of the Fort St. John Community Arts Council. They contribute to the community through the fibre arts. This includes spinning, weaving, and other fabric-related, hand crafted activities. The following newspaper articles show some of the work and features members Rene Giesbrecht, Jill Sutton, and Debbie Scholten (2016).

Stage North Publications (2016)

The Stage North Theatre Society is a Fort St. John based organization that has been providing the Peace Region with theatre entertainment since 1977. They are a volunteer-based group with over 60 members of many roles and responsibilities like actors, directors, set, costume, and prop designers, and stage managers. These newspaper articles and brochure highlights the productions for Stage North’s 2016-2017 season and other events like theatre workshops.

Bright Nights in June Newspaper Articles (2017)

Bright Nights in June is an annual event that celebrates both the anniversary of the North Peace Cultural Centre’s opening (the opening event in 1992 was titled Bright Nights in June) and the arts and culture in the city. The event includes a variety of activities such as gala performances, the Artwalk, and a day of free art classes. The following newspaper articles (2017) shares these activities as well as a brief history on the Cultural Centre and Bright Nights in June.

Fort St. John Community Arts Council Flower Pot Project (2008)

The Flower Pot Project is a yearly activity that seeks out local artists to paint flower pots, which are then placed throughout the city. In partnership with the City of Fort St. John and the Community Arts Council, the project is part of Communities in Bloom. They are an international organization that strives to enhance city spaces with the use of plants and nature. This file has an article and photographs from the 2008 Flower Pot Project in Fort St. John.

Fort St. John Community Arts Council Publications (2002-2017)

The Fort St. John Community Arts Council has facilitated countless events and activities throughout the years. Included in this file are some of the newspaper articles, programs, and other publications of those events. For example, the Peace River Regional District Hospital Art Project (2011), Climb on Board, it’s Art that Moves You bus project, a photo from the opening of Artspost Too, B.C. Arts Council funding news (2012), tourism promotion, and Stage North’s production of Alcan Craze ’42 and other information on the 75th Anniversary of the Alaska Highway (2017).

10th Annual Arts and Culture Week (2009)

The BC Arts and Culture Week is an annual event that celebrates the arts. It includes a number of performances, art walks, exhibitions, and public art projects all across the province. The file below is a compilation of bookmarks that features artwork from Fort St. John’s “Art That Moves You”, a project that puts local artists’ work on city transit buses. The artists featured here are John Green, Chandra Wong, Judi Roberts, Suzon Anne Tremblay, Eliza Stanford, and Nicole Parker.

Fort St. John Christmas Events (c. 2012)

The following files are about the many Christmas events and activities in Fort St. John. Elves Christmas is a fundraiser event that helps support the Fort St. John Community Arts Council. The first file has a few photographs and business cards from the event. Other Christmas fundraisers and events include Reuse, Recycle, Rejoice, and Peace Gallery North’s Magical Christmas Market. The second file features those events along with many more, including Rotary Manor’s Bazaar and Tea, Farmington Farmerettes event, and a Native Christmas Sale.

Ecole Central Elementary (2000-2010)

Attached are documents about Fort St. John’s Ecole Central Elementary throughout 2000-2010. There is art work and newspaper articles about the school including Valerie Taylor’s French Immersion class’ participation in the Christmas concert, and the play Pirates of Penzance performed at the North Peace Cultural Centre.

Fort St. John Community Awards (2010)

The Fort St. John Community Awards are given out to community contributors. The 2010 Citizen of the Year was awarded to Adam Reaburn. Sue Popesku was awarded one of the Mayor’s Awards of Excellence.

Fort St. John Museum Celebrated the Alaska Highway (2016)

2017 was the 75th anniversary of the Alaska Highway. This news article is from 2016, The Fort St. John North Peace Museum was already getting ready for the 75th anniversary celebrations. 2017 was also Canada’s 150th birthday.

Dawn Gullackson of Fort Nelson BC (2016)

Dawn Gullackson is an artist from Fort Nelson. She started a 100 day painting challenge in 2016 at the museum in Fort Nelson and was painting live between the hours of 11-4.

Fort St. John Hospital Foundation: Accomplishments, Goals, and Objectives (1996-2007)

The Fort St. John Hospital Foundation is an organization committed to improving medical treatment, with an emphasis on enhancing patient care and comfort. They do so with the help of individual donations and by holding many fundraiser events, such as Bluey Day and “Be an Angel, Light a Light.” This document highlights the foundation’s accomplishments, goals, and objectives throughout the years.

News Articles from the Sweetwater905 Festival (2016)

The attached newspaper articles are from the Sweetwater 905 festival (2016) in Rolla BC at Emilie and Larry Mattson’s farm. The Sweetwater 905 festival began in 1997 as the Festival of the Sweetwater Moon.