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We invite you to explore this curated digital archive comprised of arts, culture and heritage material collected by Sue Popesku and other members of northeast BC.

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North Peace Cultural Centre Brochure (c. 1992)

These documents contain a write-up on the purpose of the North Peace Cultural Centre brochure (c. 1992), as well as the brochure itself. It gives information about arts and heritage events from February 1992 to April 1992.

Artspace Brochures (1990-1991)

This catalogue includes two  ‘Arts in Fort St. John’ pamphlets from 1990 and 1991. They advertise the local groups and organizations such as the Fort St. John Community Arts Council and events related to dance, theatre, and other arts.

B.C. Winter Games (1984)

The B.C. Winter Games was held in Fort St. John in 1984. Attached is a invitation, information pamphlets, a letter of congratulations to Sue Popesku from the province, a directory, information on the torch lighting ceremony and a sketch of a draft mascot. The mascot they ended up using is on the front of the Directory.

Fort Nelson and District Arts Council (1985)

The following document gave a taste of what was to come from the Phoenix Theatre. It gives an overall sense on why they chose the name and where they got their grants from. It touches on the clubs and recent events around the time.

A Different View of the Arts in Fort St. John (1987)

A Different View of the Arts in Fort St. John (1987) is a booklet about the arts and heritage of the city. It has information on local establishments such as the North Peace Museum and the Art Gallery. In addition to that, it includes a schedule for upcoming events and performances for the summer.

Phoenix Theatre Fundraising (1985)

Donna Schafer wrote a letter to Mr. Colin Griffith. Colin Griffith was the administrator of the Village of Fort Nelson. Donna Schafer explained that Sue was approached by the Fort Nelson Arts Council to help raise funds for the Theatre Complex. Donna continued to explain Sue’s accomplishments.

Phoenix Theatre (1984)

At the Village Council Chambers in Fort Nelson in 1984 there was a public meeting to inform the citizens of Fort Nelson of the Council’s decision to refurbish the Polar Inn into the Phoenix Theatre. The letter is a report from the Fort Nelson Arts Council to the Peace Liard Regional Arts Council.

Artspace Newspaper Article (1983)

An article published by the Alaska Highway News (September 17, 1983) introducing the Artspace for Children programs. The article briefly discusses its origins and the classes they offer. Additionally, it highlights the importance of the arts and its involvement in early childhood education.

Fort St. John Community Arts Council Member Group Newsletters (1986 – c.1993)

Newsletters and brochures from the member groups of the Fort St. John Community Arts Council. The first document is a brochure (undated) advertising the North Peace Museum, North Peace Art Society Art Gallery, and Artspace. Next is a newsletter (1992) from the Country Quilters Guild sharing announcements and upcoming workshops. Lastly is a collection of documents relating to dance and theatre. They are newsletters (c. 1993) giving announcements about the Can-Canettes, Northern Dance, and Stage North.

Fort St. John Community Arts Council Letters to City Council (1988-1992)

Collection of letters from the Fort St. John Community Arts Council to City Council Members, ranging from January 1988 to November 1992. They discuss the impact the City Council’s funding has had on the Arts Council and discuss the accomplishments throughout the year along with the growth of the council and its member groups.

The Phoenix Theatre – News Articles (c. 1985)

This catalogue includes articles that mention the creation of the Phoenix Theatre, Many people in the community of Fort Nelson believed that they needed a theatre for the performing arts. These articles are about the construction and grant applications for the theatre.

Fort St. John Community Arts Council Meetings (1992)

Overviews of two Fort St. John Community Arts Council meetings. The first is from June 16, 1992, and the second is from September 17, 1992. The notes of the meeting include general announcements and other logistics.