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We invite you to explore this curated digital archive comprised of arts, culture and heritage material collected by Sue Popesku and other members of northeast BC.

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Condill Hotel Newspaper Articles (2018)

Condill Hotel was a historic building from 1942, located in downtown Fort St. John. It was originally built to provide a place of rest for those working on the construction of the Alaska Highway. This file contains newspaper articles about the City of Fort St. John’s purchase of the property and the hotel’s demolition in 2018/2019.

Fort St. John North Peace Museum Brochures (2006 and 2011)

The Fort St. John North Peace Museum is owned and operated by the North Peace Historical Society. The following brochures (2006 and 2011) advertise the different features at the museum. This includes the displays and exhibits, collection of artifacts, and their archives.

Northern Rockies Alaska Highway Tourism Association Photos (Year Unknown)

The Northern Rockies Alaska Highway Tourism Association (NRAHTA) is an organization dedicated to promoting tourism in Northeastern B.C. Below is a collection of promotional photographs for the Northern Rockies. This includes photos of a NRAHTA trade show, Liard Hotsprings, Torwood Lodge, Stone Mountain Lodge, and Mackenzie, B.C.

Alaska Highway 60th Anniversary Celebration Planning Documents (2001)

This file contains a sample of the tourism marketing strategy for the 60th Anniversary of the Alaska Highway. This plan was presented to the Northern Rockies Alaska Highway Tourism Association (NRAHTA). It contains background information, purpose and objectives, methodology, and a discussion of the celebration theme.

“British Columbia” Script (1958)

“British Columbia” is a play written by Marguerite Davies and Vernice McIvor. It is an award winning play from the Peace River North Drama Festival and follows figures and stories of B.C.’s recent history. The file contains the first few pages of the script.

Fort St. John Community Centre Proposal (1971)

This file is a proposal from the Fort St. John Centennial Committee for a community centre. It has a layout plan for the structure, which includes an auditorium, art gallery, and conference/activity rooms. This is followed by a write-up with information on the need for a centre, what it can be used for, and more.

Pioneers of North Peace – Letter (1970)

The Pioneers of North Peace is a book on pioneers of the North Peace by Marguerite Davies, Edith Kyllo, and Cora Ventress. Spearheaded by the Centennial ’71 Committee, the book serves to share human interest stories regarding early settlers of the North Peace region. This document is a letter seeking out such stories that can be featured in the book.

Christmas at the Fort St. John Hospital (2003)

These photos are from around Christmas time at the Fort St. John Hospital in 2003. The photos are of fundraisers and decorations around the hospital. Some of the photos include Sue Popesku.

North Peace Historical Society – Museum Planning and Opening (1984)

A collection of documents relating to the North Peace Historical Society’s planning of the Fort St. John North Peace Museum. The first file contains meeting minutes about logistics for the museum’s opening, such as scheduling and advertisements/publications. This is followed by a layout of the museum lot showing placement of the structures, parking lot, etc. The last file is an event program of the museum’s grand opening in 1984 with illustrations from local artist, Ellen Ostero.