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We invite you to explore this curated digital archive comprised of arts, culture and heritage material collected by Sue Popesku and other members of northeast BC.

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Fort St. John Arts Newspaper Articles (1984-1986)

A collection of newspaper clippings from 1984-1986 pertaining to arts groups and events in Fort St. John including the Quilters, Spinners and Weavers, the Can-Canettes, news of the death of Milton Halliday, and auditions for Expo 86.

The Fort St. John Community Arts Council (2002)

Attached are photos from events that the Fort St. John Community Arts Council put on during 2002. A fundraiser that has been consistent for years is the painted flower pot auction. Local artists paint the flowerpots and all proceeds go to the Fort St. John Community Arts Council.

Fort St. John Arts Newspaper Articles (1982-1983)

A collection of newspaper clippings pertaining to arts groups and events in Fort St. John from 1982-1983 including the installation of the oil derrick at Centennial Park, a call for writing submissions to Northern Lights College’s Treeline, Miss Fort St. John, the Fort St. John Public Library, Stage North including the production of the Wizard of Oz. This was during the years when Stage North was part of Northern Lights College’s Performing Arts program.

Fort St. John Hospital 75th Anniversary (2006)

The 75th Anniversary of the Fort St. John Hospital took place in 2006. Attached are photos from the events carried out by the Fort St. John Hospital Foundation. There are photos of Sue Popesku sitting in a carriage holding a sign that says “75 Years of Growth.” There are also photos of a 75th Anniversary cake.

Peace River Zone Festival (1994)

A newsletter and a sample of a booklet from the 1994 Peace River Zone Festival held at the North Peace Cultural Centre.

Stage North Theatre Productions (1993-1999)

Posters, programs, and write-ups for various Stage North productions. Some of which include, “Little Shop of Horrors” (1993), “The Mousetrap” (1994). “An Evening with Chekhov” (date unknown but was when Stage North was still a part of Northern Lights College) and a newsletter from 1999.

North Peace Cultural Centre Grand Opening (1992)

Various documents for the North Peace Cultural Centre’s opening in 1992 including a 1992 letter inviting sponsorships, invitation and program for the June 26/27, 1992 grand opening, information on the NPCC, and a script for the opening.

North Peace Cultural Centre Reports (1992)

Two reports for the North Peace Cultural Centre: one is the General Manager’s report June 3, 1992 and the second is a final report for the Job Creation Program.

Peace Gallery North’s Banner Camp Project (1994-1999)

Banner Camp is a children/youth art competition hosted by the Peace Gallery North. Participants enter original artwork and, if selected, are able to attend workshops that allow them to paint their designs on a city banner. This catalogue includes a summary of the 1994 Banner Camp and a proposal for support from the City of Fort St. John in 1998 for the 1999 Banner Camp.

Mukluk Rendezvous (1985-1986)

A schedule of events for the 1985 Mukluk Rendezvous and a welcome poster from Charlie Lake for the 1986 Mukluk Rendezvous.