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Fort St. John Hospital Foundation Meeting Minutes (2006)

The Fort St. John Hospital Foundation was established in 1994. The organization’s mission is to better the hospital’s medical care and provide quality patient care. In this catalogue are notes from the Hospital Foundation Board of Directors’ meetings from 2006. They largely discuss fundraising opportunities for the organization. This includes planning for their involvement in the High On Ice Winter Festival as well as their pumpkin carving and auction event. Sue Popesku was the Foundation’s Executive Director at that time.

Fort St. John Hospital Foundation Meeting Minutes (2005)

Since 1994, the Fort St. John Hospital Foundation has helped in the enhancement of medical and patient care. These files are the Hospital Foundation Board of Directors’ meeting minutes from 2005. They hold discussions of general logistics for the organization. For example, this includes planning for the 75th Reunion for the construction of the hospital and their Santa Claus Parade. Sue Popesku was the Foundation’s Executive Director at that time.

Fort St. John Hospital Foundation Meeting Minutes (2004)

The Fort St. John Hospital Foundation was established in 1994. Since then, the organization has been dedicated to improving medical care, as well as enhancing patient’s comfort. This catalogue contains minutes from a 2004 meeting from the Fort St. John Hospital Foundation Board of Directors. The notes cover general news and logistics for the Hospital Foundation. For example, fundraising opportunities such as their “Be An Angel, Light A Light” campaign, and updates on the Hospital’s Recognition Wall. Sue Popesku was the Foundation’s Executive Director at that time.

Alaska Highway Rendezvous ’92 Float Plane Competition Photos (1992)

The Float Plane Competition is one of the many events during the Alaska Highway Rendezvous ’92 celebration. The competition involves flying above waterways that roughly follow the route of the Alaska Highway. Overall, it is a 1,500 mile, six day journey with planned stops along the way. These photographs show an aerial shot of Andy Bailey Lake, as well as some of the planes and pilots that participated.

Peace River Region: Alaska Highway Rendezvous ’92 Photos (1992)

Rendezvous ’92 was the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the construction of the Alaska Highway. This catalogue is a collection of photographs from some of the events in cities in the Peace River Region. For example Pouce Coupe, Hudson’s Hope, and Fort St. John. A brief description is also included for each photograph.

Fort St. John Music ’91 Roadshow (1991)

Music ’91 Roadshow is an outdoor music festival that holds multiple concerts all throughout B.C. The following photographs are from the Fort St. John festival from August 1991. It shows aerial shots of the event and the Spirit of BC Bandstand, one of the stages at the festival dedicated to showcasing performers from BC.

Fort St. John Country Quilters Newspaper Article (2016)

The Fort St. John Country Quilters is a member group under the Fort St. John Community Arts Council. They have events such as workshops, open houses, and quilt shows. This newspaper article features one member in particular, Mona Gould. The article discusses her Viewer’s Choice Award during the Collections of the Peace 2016 Quilt Show.

Sand Sensations (2012-2013)

Sand Sensations is a professional sand sculpting competition in the Peace River Region. The competition is based in Taylor, BC and brings together carvers who make creative and intricate sand sculptures. The event also incorporates other activities like games/challenges, a children’s play zone, and musical performances. This catalogue has a pamphlet for the 2012 event, a newspaper article regarding its funding, and a poster.

High On Ice Winter Festival: Flyers and Photos (2009)

The High On Ice Winter Festival is an annual professional ice carving competition held in Fort St. John. In this catalogue is a collection of various publications from the event over the years including an invitation card from 2009, photographs, and the High On Ice logo.

Peace Gallery North Shows (2013-2016)

Peace Gallery North is an art gallery located in the North Peace Cultural Centre. This file contains two flyers and a postcard from some of the shows at the gallery. This includes Hats Off to 30 (30th annual FSJ art auction, 2013), Points of View II (year unknown), and Eliza Massey Stanford: Flotsam (2016). Hats Off to 30 is an annual art auction fundraiser in support of the gallery and its programs. Points of View II and Flotsam are exhibitions, the former involving submissions from a number of artists and the latter showcasing work from artist Eliza Massey Stanford.

Arts & Culture News: Fort St. John Artists (2016)

With such a vibrant arts scene, Fort St. John has attracted many talented artists. These newspaper clippings from 2016 feature Donna Folk, Irene Gut, and Tanya Shymko, local artists who have made a significant contribution to the community. Donna and Tanya both developed their own businesses and teach the arts at a recreational level. The following articles share each of their stories and their career in the arts.

North Peace Cultural Centre Art Activities (2013-2017)

Since its grand opening in 1992, the North Peace Cultural Centre has held many arts and culture events for the city. In this file are brochures from some of those activities, including Artwalk (2013), playArts Preschool (2015/2016), and Let’s Art programs (2017). Artwalk is an event that displays the work of local artists in businesses in downtown Fort St. John. The last two brochures are for arts programs. PlayArts is a fine arts-based preschool at the Artspace and Let’s Art is an after school program for children and teens.

Expo 86 BC Pavilion: News Articles (1986)

Expo ’86 was an event located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The World Fair was held from May 2 until October 13, 1986. “Transportation and Communication: World in Motion – World in Touch” was the theme of the event. It was only the second time that Canada held the World Fair. Attached is a list of northeast BC performers and planning diagrams for their exhibit space. Also included is a letter from 1985 from Ivan Strome (Fort St. John) to Mark Osburn (BC Pavilion) regarding the exhibit.

North Peace Potters Guild Publications (2013-2017)

The North Peace Potters Guild is one of the member groups under the Fort St. John Community Arts Council. They offer classes, workshops, and fundraisers throughout the year, like Kids Pottery Classes and their annual Chili Bowl Bash fundraiser. The organization allows for a space for artists and the general public to express themselves through pottery. Below, is a collection of different publications relating to the Potters Guild, including a tribute to Heather Hannaford who died in 2017, photographs from various events, a thank you letter, and posters from 2013-2017.