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We invite you to explore this curated digital archive comprised of arts, culture and heritage material collected by Sue Popesku and other members of northeast BC.

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My Dear Husband (c. 1986)

In this letter to her husband, Sorin, Sue Popesku explains that she has quit from being a professional volunteer. She says she is “coming home to wash clothes, clean the house, cook marvelous meals and generally make her life miserable.” This letter was a result of being “kicked out” of Artspace after four years with a 30 days notice.

Ken Ferris Art Prints Fundraiser (1990-1991)

As a fundraiser for the North Peace Cultural Centre, Ken Ferris donated art prints as well as an image for art cards. This catalogue includes receipts, letters, and other documents related to this donation.

Kenneth Ferris Art Feature (1990 – 1993)

A combination of documents showcasing the artwork of Kenneth Ferris. It includes a brochure from the Peace Gallery North, a news article from Alaska Highway News, and a Limited Edition Print order from the North Peace Arts Centre. Lastly, it includes a letter from Sue Popesku to Ken Ferris from September 1990.

Fort St. John Community Arts Council Documents (1993)

Collection of various documents from the Fort St. John Community Arts Council in 1993. These include a job description from the Council, discussion on arts touring programs, and letters of inquiry sent to the Council. There are also two photos from a Northern Lights College event.

Alaska Highway Anniversary Symposium (1982)

The Fort St. John campus of Northern Lights College organized a symposium to mark the 40th Anniversary of the building of the Alaska Highway. Included in this catalogue are planning documents, posters, and  more.

Alaska Highway Symposium – Northern Lights College (1982)

The Alaska Highway Symposium was a two day event hosted by Northern Lights College at their Fort St. John campus. A semi-formal event on June 19th and 20th 1982, twenty guest speakers with expertise on the highway explained the background and the building. This catalogue includes planning documents, invitations, and final report.

Peace Liard Regional Arts Council (1991)

Documents from the Peace Liard Regional Arts Council dated to November 15, 1991 including its framework policy, committee mandate statements from the Executive, Finance, Program, Personnel, and Advocacy Committees.

Fort St. John North Peace Museum Alaska Highway Anniversary (1982)

With lots of preparation for the 40th anniversary of the Alaska Highway the looking back on an Era project took place. A temporary museum for the Alaska Highway was started. The North Peace Historical Society coordinated a five month project for downtown Fort St. John in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Alaska Highway. The vacant Peoples Drug Store was used from May- September 1982.

Fort St. John Community Arts Council Presentation (1993)

The Fort St. John Community Arts Council created a presentation to Member Groups describing their current situation, general announcements, and a North Peace Cultural Centre equipment wish list. The document was created in 1993.

40th Anniversary Alaska Highway Meetings (1981 – 1982)

The 40th anniversary of the Alaska Highway was celebrated in 1982 with an event that was planned and prepared over several months. Meetings were held from October 1981 to January 1982 with conversations around budgets and grants to promotions and just general creative ideas. The Steering Committee helped to organize and run the event, it was called the Alaska Highway Adventure.