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North Peace Cultural Centre – Print Making Takes to the Road (2017)

Publications for the North Peace Cultural Centre’s print making event in 2017, part of that year’s Bright Nights in June. Local artists showcased their print making techniques by having a road roller drive over their inked up blocks. This took place outside of the Cultural Centre and was part of the Centre’s 25th Anniversary celebrations.

Bright Nights in June Letter (2017)

A draft of a letter requesting sponsorship for the 2017 Bright Nights in June Gala. The Gala is a celebratory event for the North Peace Cultural Centre and its involvement in arts and culture in the community.

North Peace Cultural Centre 20th Anniversary Publications (2013)

A short promotional write-up on the 20th Anniversary of the North Peace Cultural Centre which was celebrated in 2013. It discusses the Centre’s contribution to arts and culture in Fort St. John and introduces the Anniversary Gala, in celebration of that. The other file is a poster advertising submissions for artwork to be displayed in the Cultural Centre.

Fort St. John Community Arts Council Member Groups (2012)

A document containing a list of the active arts groups who were members of the Fort St. John Community Arts Council in 2012 (along with some additional non-members listed at the bottom of the document). The list includes a brief summary of each of the 30 groups.

Bright Nights in June Publications (2016 & 2019)

A letter announcing the 2016 Bright Nights in June and a poster from 2019 advertising that year’s celebration. Bright Nights in June is an annual event that celebrates the opening of the North Peace Cultural Centre in 1992.

Peace Liard Regional Arts Council Proposal (1990)

Attached is a 1990 Proposal from the Peace Liard Regional Arts Council, written by Bob Bennetts to David Pankratz and Northeast Region 8. They wanted to assess the arts resources in Region 8, provide comprehensive arts information to ArtCom and to focus attention on the potential for increased impact on tourism and home-based business.

Fort St. John Community Arts Council and Workshop Players Letters (1970’s)

This catalogue includes letters from the Fort St. John Community Arts Council communicating the need for grants. These include a 1972 letter to the Federal Government and letters to the BC Cultural Fund in 1973 and 1974. The catalogue also includes a 1972-1974 report from the Fort St. John Workshop Players.