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We invite you to explore this curated digital archive comprised of arts, culture and heritage material collected by Sue Popesku and other members of northeast BC.

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Arts in Fort St. John (1964-1967)

A collection of newspaper articles pertaining to arts news and events in the community highlighting news around school bands, choirs, the Fort St. John Public Library, dancers, and writers. Articles also include news of Danny Bridge, an Alwin Holland student, who had a play accepted by CBC’s Razzle Dazzle show and John Sculthorpe a 17 year old student who won the provincial MacMillan Literary Club Prize, both in 1964.

Artspace Winter Program (2005)

After school programs were put on for school-aged kids by the Artspace. Each day was made for different kinds of kids with different interests. There was a preteen day a science club day and a girls only day. This catalogue shows the winter program for 2005.

Stage North Shows (2010-2011)

The document attached has all of Stage North’s shows from 2010-2011. There is another page that has Stage north sponsorship opportunities for the year and the range of sponsorships.

Peace Gallery North (1992-1997)

Attached are event details from 1992, 1993 and 1997. The events were A Member’s Exhibition: Concerning Flowers and On to the Millennium.

Peace Gallery North (2000’s)

Attached is information highlighting the Peace Gallery North events. The events are the 22nd Annual Art Auction, Threads of Diversity (2007) and Tres Amigos (2009).

Front Row Centre (1997)

Front Row Centre is a newsletter published by the North Peace Cultural Centre. This one is from September and October 1997 and is titled “Music will fill Centre this fall.”

Arts in Fort St. John (1960-1963)

A collection of newspaper articles about various arts news and events in the community from 1960 – 1963. These include various choirs, square dance clubs, performances including a puppet show, library events, and the North Peace Fall Fair, the Fort St. John film society, and the Dawson Creek Choral and Dramatic Society,

Fort St. John Arts Complex – Bay Building Feasibility Study (1986)

The Fort St. John Arts Complex Bay Building Feasibility Study is from January 31, 1986 as presented by Henry Hawthorn Architect and outlines the planning of the North Peace Cultural Centre. In its place once was Hudson’s Bay Company Store. This document mostly details the building itself.

North Peace Cultural Centre Proposal (c. 1980s)

The proposal for the completion of the North Peace Cultural Centre was presented to the Fort St. John and District of Taylor Councils. The proposal was presented by the Building Committee and the North Peace Cultural Society.

North Peace Cultural Centre Project and Plans (c. 1991)

The North Peace Cultural Centre Opened in 1992, it has a public library, a theatre, an art gallery and the Artspace. In the attached document there is a blueprint of the layout and a report from the North Peace Cultural Society. There is also a list of people who bought theatre seats.