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Fort St. John Airshow (1962)

On August 5th 1962 the Fort St. John Flying Club Presented an Airshow that consisted of stunt flying, new aircraft on display, airplane rides etc. A U.S. Army Air Force Globemaster was a feature attraction.

Northern Lights Festival Newsletters (2001-2007)

Newsletters that feature Fort St. John’s Festival of Northern Lights, an ice and snow sculpting event that is part of Fort St. John Community Art Council’s Ice and Snow Sculpting Program. The newsletters feature photos, articles, and some pictures from the High on Ice Winter Festival, which came after the snow sculpting program.

Fort St. John Airshow (1994)

The Airshow in 1994 was held on July 16th and 17th in Fort St. John. Tickets were sold at the Esso Service Station and the North Peace Cultural Centre. It was advertised as a spectacular event.

Charlie Lake Cave (1988,1990, 1991)

In a second archaeological dig at the Charlie Lake Cave (starting July 1, 1991), Simon Fraser University archaeology students found arrowheads, spearheads, stone scraping, cutting and grinding tools and animal bones that dated back to 4,000 years before the dig. A proposal for a Regional Tourist Information and Interpretive Centre was submitted in 1988.

Fort St. John’s Civic Poem (Year Unknown)

Residents had the opportunity to record their thoughts or ideas in a civic poem launched by the Fort St. John Poetics Research Group on Canada Day. Submissions were taken at the July 1st celebration at Centennial Park.

Fort St. John Child Development Centre Talent Show (1979)

The CDC Talent Show in 1979 put all the money towards the fund for new a building and equipment for the Child Development Centre. The show was full of a variety of different acts, from singing, to dancing, to poetry. Master of Ceremonies Bob Bennett made a contribution by having his beard and mustache shaved off at the end of the show.

Expo ’86 Legacy Project Newspaper Articles (1985)

Newspaper articles regarding the Expo ’86 Legacy Project published in 1985. The articles include ways to get involved in the performances of Expo ’86, a shot of the committee, which included Sue Popesku, and progress on the Legacy Project.