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Alaska Highway Rendezvous ’92 Publications (1992)

A compilation of different publications relating to Rendezvous ’92, Alaska Highway’s 50th Anniversary celebration. The first file is a brochure of events happening in Fort St. John, for example, the F.S.J. International Airshow and various music festivals. Next is a calendar advertising the many events occurring in Alaska, BC, and the Yukon. The last file is a magazine that covers more information on the Anniversary celebration and the history of the Alaska Highway.

Alaska Highway Rendezvous ’92 Reports (1992)

A compilation of summaries and reports for Fort St. John’s Rendezvous ’92, Alaska Highway’s 50th Anniversary celebration. A sample was taken from each of the documents. They include information such as, financial planning prior to the event, and an analysis of its outcome and successes.

Alaska Highway Rendezvous ’92 Activities List (1992)

A write-up for the Alaska Highway Rendezvous 1992, an event celebrating the highway’s 50th Anniversary. The write-up contains some of the activities and events taking place throughout the region such as the opening ceremonies, the International Airshow, and a gala. Included in the file is also a collection of the logos used for the celebration.

Fort St. John and Dawson Creek Museum Photos (Year Unknown)

Photographs of the Fort St. John North Peace Museum and the Dawson Creek Museum. One photo shows the “Doin’s At The Derrick” event at the Fort St. John Museum. The other is a wide shot of the Dawson Creek Museum and Art Gallery building.

Fort St. John Cultural Crawl (2012)

The Fort St. John Cultural Crawl is a local event that highlights everything Fort St. John has to offer involving arts, culture and heritage. It is put on by the Fort St. John Community Arts Council and the City of Fort St. John.

Stage North Presents: The Lost Mirror (1987)

This Program is from Stage North’s The Lost Mirror. It was directed by Daniel Vecchio and Produced by Judi Bryson. The show played in February of 1987, attached are also news articles about the play. It was a family play with a fairytale theme.

Peace River Zone Theatre Festival (2013)

The Peace River Zone Theatre Festival was a three day event with three different shows each day. There were also workshops and a meeting with adjudicators. In 2013, the festival was held at the North Peace Cultural Centre.

The Peace Makers News Articles (1978)

Attached are newspaper articles from 1978 related to the publication of The Peace Makers and presentations of the book to visiting speakers at the Shaping Visions of Canada conferences and to Northern Lights College.