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Local Authors Publish First Novel (Year Unknown)

Aaron and Patrick Smith’s book The Genesis Project: After the End Comes the Beginning. The article shows the authors signing copies of the book at Peace Gallery North. The book is science-fiction and they hope it turns into an entire industry of collectible memorabilia with the end result being a movie.

Author Caroline Woodward (1969)

This article from 1969 features author Caroline Woodward, who grew up in Cecil Lake, BC. The article includes a picture of Caroline at 18 years old, when she was the Alaska Highway News High School Correspondent. The article also highlights a trip Caroline won to New Brunswick after attending a BC 4-H Club meeting in Vernon.

Encaustic Introductory Workshop (c. 2008)

A flyer for the Encaustic Introductory Workshop taking place during the Regional Juried Art Exhibit, a program of the Peace Liard Regional Arts Council. The flyer gives brief details on encaustics, a method of using hot wax in paintings, as well as information for the workshop.

Regional Juried Art Exhibit – Thank You Letter (1993)

A thank you letter to the volunteers of the 1993 Regional Juried Art Exhibit, a program of the Peace Liard Regional Arts Council. The letter is from the host organizing committee for 1993, the Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council.

BC Festival of the Arts Photos (1990)

Photos put together by Sue Popesku from the BC Festival of Arts “Images and Objects” exhibit. It features some of the artists participating as well as the venue. In 1990, the festival was held in Saanich.

North Peace Cultural Centre Festival of the Trees (2002, 2004)

The Festival of Trees was a holiday fundraiser for the North Peace Cultural Society. With hopes to expand the amount of activities the Cultural Society could offer. The Cultural Centre was filled with a stunning display of Christmas trees and welcomed people of all ages for their week long event. This catalogue includes the program for the 2002 and the 4th Annual Festival of Trees in 2004.

North Peace Cultural Centre Funding (c. 1986-1990)

The funding for the creation of the North Peace Cultural Centre included theatre seat sales and industry funding. This catalogue includes a brochure, a news article around the frustration of gaining funds (the provincial government awarded the centre a million dollar grant but the federal government did not provide funding at that time) and a donation from BP Exploration in 1990 that includes a photo of Sue Popesku.

Peace Liard Regional Arts Council’s Regional Juried Art Exhibit (1987, 1990, 2003, 2004)

A sample of invitations sent out to artists across the Peace-Liard region to enter Peace Liard Regional Arts Council’s annual Regional Juried Art Exhibit. This catalogue also includes a letter from the Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council (date unknown) from Janet Hartford announcing that community’s own art exhibit to take place in the fall.