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We invite you to explore this curated digital archive comprised of arts, culture and heritage material collected by Sue Popesku and other members of northeast BC.

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Artspace Artvarks Classes (1989)

The first document is a brochure (undated) about the Artvark summer programs being held, such as, ‘Music & Movement’ and ‘Space & Sciences.’ The other document contains an outline (c. 1989) for the employees. It includes a training schedule and objectives.

Fort St. John Hospital & Health Centre – Art Committee (2010 – 2012)

A compilation of documents pertaining to the Fort St. John Hospital Art Committee. These documents showcase the committee’s objective to create an environment that contributes to a positive impact on patient’s health. The files include the terms of reference for the Art Committee (December 2010), a brochure (undated), meeting minutes (2012), and news articles (c. 2012).

Alaska Highway 40th Anniversary (1981-1982)

The 40th anniversary of the Alaska Highway was celebrated in 1982 with an event that was planned and prepared over several months. Meetings were held from October to February with conversations about budgets and grants to promotions and just general creative ideas. The Steering Committee helped to organize and run the event, it was called the Alaska Highway Adventure. One of the events included Frosty Follies of 42.

Fort St. John Community Arts Council’s Airing the Arts (1992)

The following documents are from the Airing the Arts annual fundraiser event for the Fort St. John Community Arts Council. The first file is a write-up from a Chamber of Commerce Meeting (c. 1992). It outlines the purpose of the event, how the funds will be used, and the groups that may perform. The next file contains two letters (September 1992) seeking additional support from local companies. Lastly, is an outline and show guide given to the performers during the event (October 1992).

Artspace Classes Brochures (1989-1992)

Brochures from Artspace showcasing the variety of classes that they offer. The documents have been separated into two files; the first is from 1989, and the second file contains brochures from 1990 and 1992.

Artspace Classes Brochures (1985-1988)

Collection of brochures for Artspace Classes (1985-1988). They contain information on the regular classes being held, as well as any special events. Additionally, the file containing brochures from 1987 also has a sample of a play that was done during an Artspace drama class.

BC Family French Camp (1991)

Sue Popesku helped to organized a french immersion camp at Gwillam Lake, BC in 1991. She wrote a letter introducing the camp and the activities they would be offering. There are some photos from the Camp as well.

Alaska Highway National Historic Site Project (2011)

The Alaska Highway Community Society announced a project to nominate the Alaska Highway as a National Historic Site of Canada in 2011. They first wanted to focus on the British Columbia portion of the highway, but the long term goal was to finalize The Alaska Highway as  Canadian national historic site by 2017.

Fort St. John Community Arts Council – Future Developments (1989)

This document is a letter (July 1989) about possible future developments for the Fort St. John Community Arts Council. It discusses three main changes for theatre, visual arts, and the Arts Centre, some of which include developments with Stage North and Artspace Classes.

Artspace Activities (1986)

A pamphlet of the Artspace activities ocurring for the year. The events calendar goes from January 1986 to September 1986.

“A Taste of Canada” – Canadian Heritage Showcase (1990)

“A Taste of Canada” was a Canadian Heritage Showcase that took place at the Mackenzie Inn in Fort St. John in 1990. There was a very full program for the night with performances from Northern Dance Theatre Society, The Can-Canettes and the Fort St. John Old Time Fiddlers.